Why chase that debt free journey?

You may not sit and think of it much, but debt affects you in more ways then you think.

“the debtor is slave to the lender”

Debt destroys your life the moment you get introduced to it. You somehow become so wrapped up in paying it, and watching how fast those interest increase ( eye roll…) Never having money to yourself, because of the bills and debt you’re bound to. You become doomed or enslaved.

That alone make you on edge, lacking joy, working more, being stressed, not enough time to: have fun, relax, go on vacation or spend time with friends or family. You end up being laser focused on debt, working your life around it.

Don’t you hate that or want to pull your hair out? It can get depressing right?

If that is the case, what quality of life or friendship do you expect to have?

Go ahead. Sit with that. Think about it. Maybe even journal about it.

Think. Think. Think

Humans in general desire to be around happy people, not someone who is stressed or on edge.

Your debt can even cause you to exhibit symptoms of depression, you start feeling like you have no life. You basically can sit around, watching others enjoy their lives. How do you really think that will make you feel? What will it be like dragging your bag of debt into a relationship? ( sounds heavy, if you ask me…) And if you are both in debt… duhhh duhhh duhh… The blind will be leading the blind. There are people who make it work through it with strategies, planning and budgeting .

Being debt free is definitely a journey that can enhance one’s sense of happiness.

How to get on the path to being debt free?

I can only imagine being debt free is like being released from prison, all charges dropped. Whooooohhh! Weight lifted off someone’s shoulder ( I will get there soon. Sure hope so).

  • Plan how you will decrease your debt
    • have budget
    • cook more, less eating out
    • find ways to spend less, smart spending
  • Listen to or follow some financial experts:
    • Dave Ramsey
    • Patrice Washington
    • Anthony O’Neal
    • Jacent’s Gems

Go on and enjoy your debt free journey.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. Sharing some of the things I have learned through podcast, Instagram, books and research I have learned. These are experts you can find their platforms on Instagram and YouTube. I am not an affiliate or being sponsored.