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established 2020

Berry chic nurse focuses  on motivating, inspiring and mentoring nursing that are burned out.
Pivot to Elevate is a mentorship program for nurses to design  their best life through intentional mindset, lifestyle and career changes.


Let's imagine YOUR best life, designed by YOU

What if you could wake up everyday living your best life ( happy in your career, with yourself, new mindset and the lifestyle you desire) in the span of 9 months ( less than a year, 270 days)?
A life not centered on nursing alone?

What if ...

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Endless Possibilitites

     Can you imagine a life where you are able to work at a job or environment you actually desire to be surrounded by. Most importantly, you gaining back the joy, power and confidence you had before. Imagine living a life where you became your own priority , had plenty of time to indulge in self-care, doing things that make you happy , bring you so much joy and fulfillment?
     If you want to take control of your life again and to find your joy, I have something for you to kick burnout to the curb and out the building.

What if under a year, your life was at it's optimal best, with much more better days to come? 
Meaning shattering to pieces and working through what is blocking your greatness and joy( waking up everyday, enjoying your life and work despite bad the days)
It's about time you take control and do this for you.
Being burned out, feeling unappreciated, feeling unfulfilled, being overwhelmed by life and work , is no longer a thing you have to struggle through


Here is the problem.

YOU became a nurse to help others but it has been more overwhelming than you expected.

YOU appreciate the experience but feel stuck right now.

YOUR joy and compassion is running thin like paper.
YOU are simply burned out, exhausted before and after your shifts.

YOU feel disrespected and under appreciated at work.
YOU are tired of feeling obligated to work overtime.

YOUR paycheck is definitely not cutting it.

Like, what is the safe nurse to patient ratio again...
 The bulling and belittling is becoming too toxic for you.

YOU have not been resting well, having breakdowns, crying at work, in your car or in your bed countless times. 

Whooooohhh...On top of all that you also have your own personal issues to deal with

The problem..

                                                        Pivot To elevate

     An In depth, nine (9) month nurse mentorship program that helps you to designed and execute your best life through intentional mindset lifestyle and career choices.

 Here is what you will get inside of PIVOT TO ELEVATE:
 [LET'S TACKLE IT]- tackling your beliefs, self -discovery and your fears. With a goals to discover a new side of you
[LET'S FLIP IT]- flipping your mindset and embracing the side of you that needs more of your attention.
[LET'S BUILD IT]- from foundation to career, becoming the masterpiece version of yourself, putting all you have learned/worked through together. Completing the puzzle.

Every three (3) months- we are digging into different levels.
Every two (2) weeks- has a theme and set of deep work, assignment, intervention or exploration.

 What makes PIVOT TO ELEVATE different?
 PIVO TO ELEVATE is a mentorship program focused on personal interest, faith and compassion.
Focused on your journey for nine (9) months, almost a year, to support and assist you in your growth in mindset, lifestyle and career choices.

Still unsure?

This is for you  if you are :
-A millennial nurse    
- Working in home care, long term care, skilled nursing,  post-acute care setting, or acute care
- Overwhelmed by work and life as whole
-feeling that you are lacking your purpose or fulfillment as a nurse
-Have thought about leaving your job, but unsure of where you can go. or simply fear the retaliation for leaving
-Unsure of where you want to take your nursing career.
-Finding yourself: burned out, exhausted, dealing with manipulative/disrespectful or inconsiderate managers
-Killing it in overtime but not being paid your worth
-Being overworked or bullied at work
-Lacking sleep or rest at home
-Having crying spells or breakdowns
-Being weighed down by personal issues, physical/mental/emotional pain

 What's it going to  take for you to be ready?

Dont't wait for another breaking point

Are you ready to embark on your journey?


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