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My name is Berenice, I am on a journey as much as you may be.

Life is a constant journey, each pathway has a different road map of plan. When you plan a trip to a new area or country, you must be diligent, do the digging work ahead of time to know where you are going: the culture, what are the people like, what music do they listen, what are the customs, what foods they eat. it’s a way to indulge in the moment or envision yourself there , even before getting there. It builds the excitement to a new adventure. You can then plan accordingly, to see what will you pack in your car, duffel bags or suit cases.

The same effort should go into the daily choices we make: mindset, lifestyle and career. When was the last time you really took time to plan your life? When did you last sit yourself down to see : where you want to go in life, who you want to be surrounded by, what baggage you want to drop off and which journey you are willing to embark. When have you thought about mentor-ship, personal development or taking time to pour into you? I want you to let that sink in.

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