Dealing with burnout ( the common enemy)

Now more than ever burn out have become so popular but not on demand.

Seems like everyone these days are looking to understand and recover from burnout.

First, you should understand what burnout is , right?

It is defined as stress that is beyond normal . It is a salad of chronic exhaustion, with frustration and feelings of being powerless. Basically is bitter salad with no flavor. Yucky!! How distasteful.

What causes one to get to that state

There are a handful of things that may cause one to feel burned out, like :

  • overcommitting
  • lack of separation of work and personal life
  • chaotic/toxic/unhealthy work environment
  • working too much overtime, meanwhile the pay isn’t worth it ( that’s you being tricked, don’t fall for it)
  • feeling powerless and lacking purpose at work
  • work overload, too much responsibilities
  • being treated unfairly at work , workplace violence or bullying at work

How do you take back your life?

Having control on your life and career is so vital in order for you not to spiral down a hole where it will take a lot to recover.

  • Find clarity in all aspects ( career, relationship, leisure, fulfillment, spirituality) of your life and think of what you want out of life. As yourself ( what is important to me?)
  • Can you reduce your hours at work, find a per diem ( on call job)? Make your life simple, not complicating or taxing to your wellness.
    • Handle What you can control.
  • Learn to decline work offers( to come in or stay extra), by saying no. Don’t entertain work when you are off.
  • Start thinking ahead of situations that may come up. How do you want to respond? To your boss or coworkers?
  • Special tip: Always have a per diem job, it’s smart hustle.
    • Your job can let you go anytime. That way you can transition and pivot instead.
  • Distress and self-care. Do the things that will keep your cup filled with joy and love.
    • Find a hobby
    • Indulge in a lazy morning or day frequently
  • Turn up ! All the way up by yourself or with company.
  • Get your life and do you. Remember : your job is not your identity, you are more than a nurse. Your job is loyal to what is best for them, meaning not you.
    • Don’t get so attached the four walls of the building you work at or the people in it. Everyone has to do what’s best for them.
  • Most importantly: Have a lot of self-awareness and keep seeking to know yourself. Work highly on personal growth and development

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September 21, 2020