Beyond Nursing!

Back in April of this year while we were right at the tip of quarantine, my business coach inspired me and a that is how I started to entertain the idea of seriously working for myself .

I went through the idea of wanting to be a travel braider, podcaster, or a full time blogger.

After some exploring, I decided that I wanted to help nurses that are burned out or for future nurses to work towards being proactive .

During this whole time, I have made so many pivots, changes and personal growth. Working as a travel nurse and taking the highs and lows of life. Dealing with isolation as an extroverted ( ambivert ) person has been quite ride.

Decisions decisions

In June I created a Instagram page dedicated for helping nurses and started working closely with my coach, such an inspiration to see nurses growing their brands and not being limited just to bedside care. The support and the networking far exceed what we experience in the workplace.

The plan is to launch a mentorship program for nurses in the beginning of 2021.

Besides mentorship, I have also partnered and become an affiliate for health, beauty and wellness ( non-toxic). Now I’m also working on a side hustle that allows me to help people to be their best selves and boost confidence ( skin and hair).

Its definitely an ongoing journey and learning experience. Nurses can be anything beyond and chase their passion.

My ultimate goal is to help others but also to have time working with a flexible schedule , in order for me to be a digital nomad. Work from anywhere.

That is the best life goal.

What do you think about nurses pursuing goals beyond nursing?

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