About Moi…

I am a Travel nurse/Nurse mentor/CPR instructor from South Florida , but I was born in Haiti… Love the beach vibes and Caribbean blue seas.

Besides the beach, I enjoy: dancing( bachata, zouk, salsa, afrobeats and merengue), spicy food, coconut water and lots of essential oils…

I am more than a nurse ( I truly believe that to the core).

I promote clean beauty, skin care and wellness. I am a Monat Market Partner ( need proof ? , checkout : berlau18.mymonat.com) , Ambassador for Clean Skin Club and Briut Essentials. ( find out more and get discount codes on Instagram: @femmecapabletravel )

I also subscribe to large dose of laughter and smiling.

What about my nursing journey?

This journey started when I started volunteering at a local Assisted living facility right during my freshman year. I then went on to work as a server ( waitress) for that same company.

In May 2011, I graduated high school, with my CNA and home health aid certificates. I put them to work shortly thereafter.

Graduated in December 2013 as a Licensed practical nurse and started working as a Registered nurse in February 2019.

I can say that I’ve played the yo-yo game of being unfulfilled and drained for the most part of my nursing career. Many times, I considered throwing in the towel and walk away from nursing , because ” ain’t nobody got time for that”.

After I started travel nursing and took time to invest in myself, the clarity/confidence to be more and achieve more ( away from bedside nursing).

Staying Elevated and Motivated.

Because I am an ambivert ( extroverted and introverted depending on my surrounding), I enjoy spending time talking to and encouraging others. What is life without showing personal interest in others…[hint]: mentor… lol

Continue on your journey with me and you will see how contagious life is when you have: encouragement, motivation, quotes, scriptures, personal development, laughter and self-discovery , all mingling in one room… Epic Joy