You're able to stay at jobs or environments that are perfect for who you are and regain the joy, power, and confidence in yourself that were lost long ago.

Imagine living a life where all your time is used doing things that make you happy; indulging in self-care whenever possible.

If this sounds like what you need - I have something for people who are ready to take back their lives from burnout and feel good about themselves again.

What if you could live a life where everything was just how you want it to be?

PIVOT TO ELEVATE is a mentorship program focusing on personal interests, faith, and compassion. Every participant will be working closely with me in a comprehensive multiphase program to provide encouragement, support, and assistance in your life-long growth in mindset, lifestyle, and career choices.

What makes



  • A Millenial Nurse
  • Working in home care, long term care, skilled nursing, post-acute care setting or acute care
  • Overwhelmed by work and life as a whole
  • Feeling that you are lacking your purpose or fulfillment as a nurse
  • Have thought about leaving your job, but unsure of where you can go or simply far the retaliation for leaving
  • Unsure of where you want to take your nursing career
  • Finding yourself; burned out, exhausted, dealing with manipulative/disrespectful or inconsiderate managers
  • Killing it in overtime but not being paid by your worth
  • Being overworked or bullied at work
  • Lacking sleep or rest at home
  • Having crying spells or breakdowns
  • Being weighed down by personal issues, physical, mental or emotional pain

This is for you if you are

What's it going to take for you to be ready?

Don't wait for another breaking point.

Are you ready to embark on your journey?

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Hi Nurses,

I'm Berenice, have been in the nursing industry for almost 7years already. I would describe my nursing journey as an uphill battle. It's roller coaster learning experience. Being young on the floor with no proper mentors for guidance and preparation for the realities of the nursing world. Burnout became my thorn in the flesh. Thankfully, I had a great support system which I feel many people need. I have overcome it and learned how to unlearn unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Today, I'm a happy travel nurse living my best life through an intentional mindset, lifestyle, and career choice. And I would love to share how I did it with you.

I believe we are more than a nurse. I am here to help you how to discover and embrace your true self as a nurse, fulfill your needs, and build a life that aligns with your career.
I will help you find balance, find yourself, and reclaim your life to be the best version of yourself!


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Work should fit into our day-to-day life, not the other way around. You deserve a life you love.
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